“A Sip of Leelanau,” from Midwest Living:  “On the outside of a white barn near Suttons Bay, Michigan, Tandem Ciders’ namesake bike hangs above the green door. Red and slightly abused, it’s a reminder of the bike tour of England that transformed Nikki and Dan Young from beer fans to hard cider fans—and producers…” Read more>>


 “A Bicycle Built for Seven” from Concentrate:  “We, the five of us, are pedaling a bike that’s way too super-sized for the city of  Ann  Arbor’s bike lanes. The Conference Bike (CoBi), a red circular apparatus with seating for seven and a round handlebar in the  center, has one driver in control of steering. And with everyone pedaling, we smoothly take our rightful position in traffic…” Read  more>>


 “Mastermind: Dr Jeff Masters” from Concentrate:  “Dr. Jeff Masters, co-founder and director of meteorology at Weather  Underground, has built a site that wraps his mind around the tragicomedy of whatever the atmosphere throws at us. Masters co-  founded the Internet’s first weather site back in 1995, and today is visited by 17 million people worldwide (13  million in the U.S.) each month, ranking second only to in U.S. web traffic…” Read more>>


 “Adventures in Pizza Making” from Concentrate:  “To say I’ve been hamstrung by dough wouldn’t be a stretch. Sugar cookies have  always been my bane; I’ve rolled and cut tacky dough into shapes that were anything but cookie cutter… So when the opportunity  rose to take a four-hour class at BAKE!, the teaching bakery at Zingerman’s Bakehouse, I knew making good on a pizza would get  me points with the dinner crowd…” Read more>>


 “Crack That Whip! Stunt School is in Session” from Concentrate:  “A line of youngsters is lashing six-foot bullwhips to and fro,  trying the forward crack, a basic whip art technique…An unsuspecting man shambles down the sidewalk, ready to pass behind the  students. “Non-com!” hollers Martin O’Brien, an instructor at the academy. (That’s “non-combatant” to you.). A silencing of the  whips. And then they resume…” Read more>>


 “Double Lives: Tim Kochenderfer,” from Metromode:  “Channel 7 Action News at 11 p.m. rolls with anchors Carolyn Clifford and  Stephen Clark flashing from the abandonment of a baby girl in Highland Park to GM’s $2 billion  investment at 17 plants in eight  states to the worst flooding on the Mississippi River in 80 years. And guiding the show is producer Tim Kochenderfer.  Might it  also pique you to know that Kochenderfer sets the stage, so to speak, for theaters around the world…” Read more>>


 “Mastermind: Michael Daugherty” from Concentrate:  “It’s lofty enough to have a few personal ‘graphs on Wikipedia, but Ann  Arbor composer Michael Daugherty’s c.v. runs an epic 11 pages with little indication of stopping. A brief synopsis:  Daugherty was  the third-most performed living American composer last season, according to the American Symphony Orchestra  League (Note:  Daugherty’s “Deus Ex Machina” won a 2011 Grammy Award for Best Classical Contemporary Composition.)…” Read more>>


 “Step Inside Breco Interiors” from Metromode:  “If you hire Mario Buatta to decorate your place, better like florals because you’re  getting the Prince of Chintz. With Jennifer Post, it’s all light and minimalism…And then, there’s Breco…Breco isn’t the type who  whips through your home, making you feel like Alice In Wonderland after she drank the shrinking potion…” Read more>>


 “The String’s the Thing” from Concentrate:  “It’s fair to say that violin making, a craft that hasn’t evolved much since the 1600s, is  the Stradivarius of arts professions…Just seven schools in the U.S. provide instruction in the craft.  And violin, viola, and cello  maker David Burgess estimates there are only about 20 (twenty!) full-time independent violin makers in the U.S…” Read  more>>


 “Mountain Biking Washtenaw,” from Concentrate:  “Look straight ahead – your brain knows what to do!” Elno Lewis (not his real  name) calls across the ravine. I’m in Peckerwood Park, astride my elderly bicycle with the not-so-knobby tires, contemplating  a  coast down a 15-foot gully with a twelve-inch wide wood bridge spanning its bottom…” Read more>>


 “It’s a Bird…It’s a Brood…of Peregrine Falcons!” from Concentrate:  “The University of Michigan has tailored various construction  projects to be appealing to the eye, eco-conscious — and, now, friendly to endangered wildlife species. Since 2006, a  pair of  peregrine falcons has nested on various top stories at the university. In May of this year, atop U-M Hospital, that couple  proudly  became a family of five…” Read more>>


 “Food Independence Day: Coming Soon?” from Concentrate:  “Cheers to the fact that living in a cold harsh northern clime doesn’t  preclude getting fresh veggies grown within driving distance of our wintry home. In a bid to boost local economies and reduce  reliance on the sunbelt and Mexico, hoop houses are rearing their heads around Washtenaw County. Call it the 21st-century  version of the barn-raising, where volunteer groups of 15-30 strong are convening to put up a hoop house a day…” Read more>>


"Wind-Powered Church Practices What It Preaches"  from Concentrate:  “In her musings, writer and poet Janet Frame presciently  noted: “Electricity, the peril the wind sings to in the wires on a gray day.” With mounting concern over sourcing energy, groups are  pooling their resources to fund alternative energy projects. And religious organizations, many with large and diverse  memberships, are no exception…” Read more>>